Welcome to Villa Duta Farm

A little story about us

The story of Villa Duta Farm began in 2016. It was all started when we self-grown vegetable for private consumption. Since then we realise many health benefits gained from clean and raw eating. With HEALTH (Health Awareness, Eat Clean, Adequate Exercise, Life Well, Transformation, Healthy for a Lifetime) motto, we desire to be community servants by growing safe and clean source of food.

Why choose our healthy store?

Strategic Location

We grow near you to maintain freshness of produces and you can see our growing process.

Guranteed Quality

We protect our produces inside our greenhouses and do not use any pesticide. Your safety is our number one priority.

Premium Varieties at Affordable Price Tag

We grow premium produces using first class seeds yet our pricing does not hurt your wallet.


We harvest based on your order to ensure all produces delivered are always fresh.


One of the most advanced farm in Indonesia and we care about precision.


We are passionate to serve you with the purest, healthiest, delicious and nutritious food.

Our services

With increasing demand for healthy and clean eating lifestyle, you can entrust Harmony to serve your events (e.g. product launching, employee day, etc.) with customised themes and experiences that will satisfy your requirements. Our services include:



We love feeding communities that believe eating clean is a priority to daily life. While we offer Villa Duta Farm produces to individuals and families, we also offer wholesale opportunities for restaurants, supermarkets and other organisations that want to provide their customers with awesome produces on a regular basis.

For additional information on setting up a wholesale account with the farm, contact us at [email protected]


Indonesia has the capability to grow a lot of great quality produces that meet international standards, yet many local farmers are unexposed. We offer sourcing opportunities for international buyers to bring awesome produces from Indonesia.

Contact us at [email protected] for additional information on what we can export to your countries.


Juice cleanse is fast. You only drink raw and pure cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices during the fast.

  • Counteract pollutions and other toxins
  • Better skin, hair and eyes
  • Kick-start healthy eating
  • Clear minds and more energy
  • Rests body’s digestive system
  • Lose weight
Take the first step towards a healthier you with our cleanse programs and expect to experience an increased energy level, refreshed, lighter and happier you!

It is recommended you follow these steps before your cleanse to get the best impact out of it.

  • - Get good sleep and a clean green diet
  • - Prepare your body by cutting down caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, salt, red meat, sugars and dairy intake
  • - Introduce raw greens, fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet
Our raw food cleanse is also a great way to ease you in and out of a juice cleanse.

Each individual responds differently to a juice cleanse depending on factors like diet and lifestyle habits. Symptoms such as fatigue, headache, nausea, frequent urination and cravings may occur during your cleanse journey but these symptoms should not persist past 2 – 3 days.

What to put into your body after your cleanse is very important. Your body is very clean at this point, so it is the perfect time to be more conscious of the food you take, keeping the healthier path you started sustainable in the long run. The first day after your fast, start with a juice, smoothie or just by eating cut fruit. Then during the day add raw leafy greens, vegetables, salad and more fruit. After a couple of days after cleanse, this is the day where you can start on your meat and other starchy food but start slowly in small quantities and do not over indulge yourself. Remember, the visible benefits such as a flatter tummy, glowing complexion and increased energy are never as important as a positive mindset over what you eat and how you live your life from now on.